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Weekly Reset #3 — Negative Space

Published about 2 months ago • 1 min read

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📝 Quote of the Week:

"Reacting to what’s in front of you is always easier than doing what you intend. And when they’re staring you right in the face, tasks such as checking email, responding to a chat, and reading the news feel urgent and important—but they rarely are." (Jake Knapp, John Zeratsky, Make Time)

🗝️ Key Idea: Negative Space

Something I've recently re-learned about myself, is that I naturally try to pack in as many things as possible. If there's a free moment in a day, I have a backlog of things (staring me in the face) that I'll throw in into that slot. Perhaps there is a bit of FOMO here. In thinking about this more deeply, I find that I do my best, most creative work when I leave negative space. When I leave negative space, I leave space to explore and I take more chances. I try things that may not pay off (but often do). Whereas if I packed my day with tasks, I might “get more done”, but perhaps I didn’t try the thing that could make all the difference.

Your challenge for the week: Ruthlessly prioritize. What is strategically important? What must get done? For just one week, let the rest go and see what happens.

🪄 Tool of the Week: HiddenBar

I’m sorry to all of you on Windows, I promise that future editions of Tool of the Week will be more inclusive. I had been using Vanilla to clean up all the menu bar icons on my Mac, but in some respects it created as many headaches as it solved. Any time I installed an app with a new menu bar icon, I would have to quit Vanilla in hopes that it would show. HiddenBar promises to do exactly that and actually does. It’s completely free and I wish I had found it

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Have a great week!
Brandon Boswell

Looking to improve your focus & creativity?

Brandon Boswell

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