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Weekly Reset #2 — Opportunities come through people

Published 2 months ago • 1 min read

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🗝️ Key Idea: “Opportunities come through people”

As an introvert, I feel most comfortable when I'm focused and concentrating on the task at hand. In this state, I believe I am making significant progress (and often I am). However, it's easy to become complacent and think that this is the most efficient way to make progress towards our goals. You can enhance your effectiveness (give it a multiplier, if you will) by connecting and collaborating with others. As humans, we are naturally social beings. We feel a sense of belonging when we form genuine connections with others (especially those who care about the same things as we do), but if we are solely focused on the technical task at hand, we might miss the opportunity to make that connection and achieve the multiplier that moves the project (and perhaps life) forward. Not to mention, worthwhile projects often take time, and having a support system when the project gets tough increases the odds that you will stick with it.

This week’s challenge to you: Reach out to someone who you think is doing something interesting, and simply let them know that you exist. Who knows that might come out of it.

📼 Video: Keeping in touch with the people in your life

This video has a little bit of age on it, but the messaging is still spot on. I share how to create a system to stay in touch with the people in your life (even as an Introvert). This example uses TickTick, which was my task manager of choice at the time. I have since moved this to Akiflow, but the concepts can easily be adapted for any Task Manager you may use.

🪄 Tool of the Week: Akiflow

My brain is terrible at remembering things. I hate having that feeling that I'm forgetting something of importance. So instead of trying to remember all those things, I put those things into a centralized task manager. The one that I've found works the best for me in minimizing mental overload and time spent toying with tasks is Akiflow. I can commit to a few key things for the week and then snooze everything else that can wait. It's a bit like TickTick on steroids, and I've been using it for over a year, and it continues to improve. If you haven't found a task manager that is serving you well, I highly recommend that you give it a look.

Thanks for reading. I would love to know what you would like to see in future editions (You can reply directly to this email).

Have a great week!

Looking to improve your focus & creativity?

Brandon Boswell

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